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Mary MacKillop Penola Centre
An inspirational place in Penola, where it all began

when Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods made their dream a reality
‘Little did either of us then dream of what was to spring from so small a beginning.’ Mary MacKillop 1891

exhibitions exhibitions The Interpretive Centre houses two major exhibitions; 'Mary MacKillop: Penola – Where it all Began' and 'Julian Tenison Woods: Penola – Ten Years in the Bush and Beyond'. There is a third major exhibition, ‘Josephite Education – These Are the Children I Love’, in the Schoolhouse.. memorial parks memorial parks The Mary MacKillop Stable School Park in Penola is a site of religious and historic significance where, according to Mary, ‘the first St Joseph’s school had its origin in a six-stalled stable’ and ‘the work of our dear Institute began’ in 1866. The Father Woods Sculptures Park is situated north of Penola.. Schoolhouse Schoolhouse The schoolhouse is a special place where Mary’s youthful presence can still be felt: her commitment to God through a life devoted to others, her vulnerability and self-doubt, her strength of character, her humanity and compassion, her gifts as a teacher, her vitality, her sense of humour, her serenity.

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